Stations of the Cross, St Magnus-the-Martyr Church, London Bridge, London

We designed and carved 14 Stations of the Cross in Japanese Oak, with English Oak frames. St Magnus is one of the finest of the churches rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of 1666. We drew and designed each Station and then modelled each in clay before proceeding to carving. Anne Gardom, art critic of ‘New Directions’, described the carving of the Stations as ‘broad and unfussy, with very expressive use of drapery, the only painted detail being the simple gilding of the haloes. Though the stations are quite small, 2 ft by 1 ft, they have a monumental quality that is associated with much larger works… The Stations are linked together in the way the landscape is conveyed – the rocky foreground with the occasional stunted tree, or the low clouds, the small buildings (including representations of the Church) bring continuity and coherence to the sequence of images. The golden oak from which they are carved stands out against the dark oak panelling, and allows the stations to hold their own in an interior of remarkable richness and variety.’